Brookstone Towel Warmer Reviews

The Brookstone Towel Warmer is a spacious product that will let you pamper yourself in a slightly extravagant way regularly. The Towel Warmer can accommodate large towels, such as two 40 inches by 70 inches bath towels at the same time, and also blankets or robes.

All you got to do is to put your bath towel into this warmer for 10 minutes, and keep it warm while you indulge yourself in a bath. The Brookstone Towel Warmer warms both sides of the towel without the hassle. Apart from being a towel warmer, as it is meant to be, you can also warm gloves, mittens and hats. This is especially advantageous during winter. Imagine it’s keeping you warm before you go out of the cold weather; thus, it is equally beneficial for people who need to go to work even in the cold winter months.

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But wait there’s more. The Brookstone Towel Warmer also features a close-off and transparent lid, allowing you to see the inside while warming your towel. This product, which is affordable at around $80, is useful for any person of all ages. Give it as present to someone you loves for his/her birthday and share the warmth of love.


Brookstone Towel Warmer Features

  • Affordability at a price of $79.95
  • Durability that last for years
  • Warm towels in minutes (up to two 40 inches by 70 inches towels)
  • Also a  perfect warmer for mittens, hats and  gloves
  • Plexiglass cover allows you to view how it works as it warms the towel.


Brookstone Towel Warmer Reviews

After scouring the Internet to find reviews on the Brookstone Towel Warmer, we are proud to say that this product is promising for most customers who actually bought one. Most customers are saying that this warmer is great as a holiday present for their loved ones. They are thanking Amazon for featuring the Brookstone Towel Warmer in their site. Customers are saying that they are happy about the results of giving the warmer as present, with or without an occasion, for their loved ones.

Many people are claiming that using the Brookstone Towel Warmer is offering them many benefits as preventing exposure to the cold temperature as soon as they step out of the bathtub. Buyers are also satisfied on how the Brookstone Towel Warmer works excellently to warm, aside from towels and robes, mittens, hats, gloves, but even socks, shirts and pants in some occasions. They are saying that the Brookstone Towel Warmer works amazingly for their different warming needs.

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People are even saying that they do not need to roll the stuff, as pictures from Amazon suggest, before they drop towels and others in. They are saying that all they need to do is hold the towel from one corner and drop it entirely on the warmer, and then the warmer does the job! And for the smell… they are saying that it is obvious at first, but the issue is solved by turning on the warmer without anything for a few minutes. They also find the transparent lid, which enables them to see how this Brookstone Towel Warmer works on their towels, useful. The Plexiglass cover lets you see the towel’s condensation it produces as it warms your stuff.

However, people who bought the Brookstone Towel Warmer suggest that if you want the best results, warm thicker towels, or else, you’d be disappointed on how little it works for thin ones. Cheap and flimsy, small towels do not keep heat.

Buy this product in Amazon, where you can search for the best products online at the most reasonable prices. Due to the high number of positive reviews, we believe that you will not regret buying the Brookstone Towel Warmer.

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